Treatments and Prices

Cosmetic injections

With hyaluronic acid / Dermal filler
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Lip enhancement / lip correctionfrom CHF 159
Chin augmentation / chin correctionfrom CHF 249
Cheek augmentationfrom CHF 249
Dark eye circles / tear troughsfrom CHF 299
Jawlinefrom CHF 249
Mentolabial- / marionette linesfrom CHF 249
Nose correction / non-surgical rhinoplastyfrom CHF 349
Nasolabial foldsfrom CHF 249
Plissé Foldsfrom CHF 299
With muscle ralaxant
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Brow liftfrom CHF 149
Bunny linesfrom CHF 149
Crow’s feetfrom CHF 149
Facial slimmingfrom CHF 299
Forehead wrinklesfrom CHF 149
Frown linesfrom CHF 149
Gummy smilefrom CHF 149
Strawberry chinfrom CHF 149
Excessive sweating / hyperhidrosisfrom CHF 599

Prices result according to zones

An anti-wrinkle treatment zone comprises a specific treatment area, e.g. forehead wrinkles (= 1 zone). Each individual treatment area thereafter counts as another zone.
Treatment example: The treatment of forehead wrinkles (1 zone) may also include the frown line (1 zone) under certain circumstances. In this case, two zones would be charged. Before each treatment, your doctor will inform you in detail about your treatment plan and the costs involved.

Anti-wrinkle treatments by zones
1 zone:CHF 149
2 zones:CHF 299
3 zones:CHF 449
4 zones:CHF 599

Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Providing the best care and patient satisfaction are top priorities at M1 Med Beauty. At our M1 clinic in Zurich, we offer you a detailed, individual consultation as well as thorough aftercare to achieve the best possible treatment result for you. Plastic surgery is performed locally, at the surgery centre prevention-center, Utoquai 31, 8008 Zurich.

New service for all plastic surgery consultations at M1 Med Beauty Zurich: Beside consultations at our M1 clinic in Zurich, our experienced Doctors for Plastic Surgery now carry out online consultations, too. Online consulation appointments are flexible and also possible in the evenings or on Saturdays. Please contact us for more information.

Plastic surgery
Breast augmentationfrom CHF 4.400
Breast liftfrom CHF 11.900
Breast reductionfrom CHF 11.900
Eyelid liftfrom CHF 2.200
Gynaecomastiafrom CHF 3.900
Labiaplastyfrom CHF 3.200
Liposuctionfrom CHF 2.200
Nipple correctionfrom CHF 1.900
Thigh liftfrom CHF 8.400
Upper arm liftfrom CHF 6.700