Plasctic Surgery

M1 Med Beauty is the market leader in the field of beauty medicine in Germany and is represented in more than 50 clinics worldwide. Our specialised doctors perform over 340,000 beauty treatments annually and are experts in their field. Our services of cosmetic injection and plastic surgery are now available in Zurich. 

Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

WHy choose M1 Med Beauty Zurich for plastic surgery?

M1 Med Beauty - Your experts for plastic surgery

Breast augmentation, liposuction and upper eyelid lifts are the top three types of plastic surgery at M1. However, our beauty surgeons also perform a wide range of other plastic surgeries on a regular basis – giving them many years of experience that all our clients can profit from.

We understand that each client is unique and therefore requires individual attention. Our professional team guides and supports you through your journey. This from the first consultation, through the preliminary examination, to the surgical procedure and all follow-up examinations. 

Our M1 plastic surgeons are happy to advise you on your personal beauty goals, discuss option and manage expectations. Feel free to arrange a non-binding consultation at our M1 Med Beauty clinic in Zurich or book an appointment for an online consultation.

Overview of M1 aesthetic and plastic surgery

Below you will find an overview of all aesthetic and plastic surgeries performed by our experienced plastic surgeons. At M1 Med Beauty Zurich, we offer you a detailed, individual consultation as well as thorough aftercare to achieve the best possible treatment result for you. Your plastic surgery is carried out locally, at the specialized beauty clinic in Zurich.


Upper eyelid lift

from CHF 2.200

Drooping eyelids can be caused genetically or as a course of aging. The skin and tissue lose elasticity which results in saggy upper eyelids. Tightening the upper eyelids achieve a more alert and youthful look, resulting in a more positive overall appearance.


Breast augmentation

from CHF 4.400

The volume and elasticity of the breasts can change as a result of weight fluctuations, pregnancies, hormonal influences or the ageing process. Breast augmentation with implants is one way of restoring the volume of the breast and adapting the shape and size to your beauty goals.


Breast reduction

from CHF 11.900

Women with very large and heavy breasts may suffer from neck and back pains and headaches. This strain can be so severe that it interferes with everyday life. In these cases, a breast reduction can provide relief.


Breast lift

from CHF 11.900

The elasticity of the skin and connective tissue decreases with age and can cause the breasts to lose their firmness. Particularly after pregnancies, breastfeeding or great weight loss, the breast undergoes strong changes and excess skin can occur. In such cases, a breast lift is recommended.


Nipple correction

from CHF 1.900

Droopy nipples or areolas that are too large or too small can negatively influence the overall aesthetic appearance of the nipples. With the help of a nipple correction, the nipples are adapted to the wishes of the client and the overall appearance of the breasts is thus changed.



from CHF 3.900

Gynaecomastia is a benign growth of the breast gland in men. It can occur on one side or on both sides. Generally, neither diet nor training can lead to a sufficient improvement in shape, so that an aesthetic body image can usually only be achieved through surgery. It is important to first rule out a serious disease as the cause of excessively sagging male breasts.



from CHF 2.200

A liposuction removes unwanted fat deposits that cannot be reduced naturally despite regular exercise and a balanced diet. In body-shaping treatments, like liposuction, unwanted fatty tissue is reduced and the respective body parts are modelled in a targeted way.


Labiaplasty | Labia correction

from CHF 3.200

Over the years, the labia minora can change and appear flaccid. Similarly, the labia minora may no longer be completely covered by the labia majora, which can cause pain during movement. A labia reduction or labiaplasty can provide relief in both cases.


Upper arm lift

from CHF 6.700

Heavy weight loss or a genetic predisposition may lead to the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin on the inner sides of the upper arms. An upper arm lift is a good option for removing excess skin and fatty tissue and restoring a beautifully shaped upper arm. 


Thigh lift

from CHF 8.400

Sagging of the skin of the thighs is possible due to ageing or frequent and severe weight loss. The inner thighs in particular are often affected. Large folds of skin not only disturb the silhouette but can also rub against each other when walking and cause skin irritation. A thigh lift can bring relief in such cases.